2011 Albariño


Bronze Medal - 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
Bronze Medal - 2013 Central Coast Wine Competition
Bronze Medal - 2012 LA International Wine & Spirits Awards
Bronze Medal - 2012 San Francisco International Wine Competition
86 pts - Wine Enthusiast

Our 2011 Albariño is creamy and lush with great fruit, crisp acidity and a nice body. Pale gold color with aromas of peach and lemon meringue - very intensely flavored while clean and refreshing.

It’s fun, fruity but exquisitely dry and exceptionally drinkable. This is serious wine that can laugh at itself, while dancing along side whatever you paired with it, sharing secrets as you enjoy the duo.

If you serve this at a party rather than the standard Chardonnays & Sauvignon Blancs, we guarantee half your guests (at least!) will ask what it is and where they can get some. While you’re at it, pour me more!